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Healing Miso Soup

Updated: Dec 29, 2021


  • boiling water

  • miso

  • scallions

  • tofu cubes


Miso, otherwise known as fermented soybean paste, has been a staple of the Asian diet for centuries. In modern times, the low incidence of breast cancer in Japan has led to scientific research that suggests that eating miso soup and other fermented soy foods, can help regulate the production of estrogen, reducing the risk of breast cancer and possibly mitigating damaging effects of exposure to radiation.

One caveat is that miso can contain high levels of salt, so keep that in mind if you are on a low sodium diet. You can buy miso paste in most health food stores.


  • After taking boiling water off your heat source, stir in and dissolve the miso and add tofu cubes and diced scallions for a delicious health-infused meal!

  • To protect the nutrients, miso should not be boiled

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