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Indoor Pest Control

Indoor pests can usually be eliminated through blocking their access to food, water and habitat. Simple steps to keep unwanted visitors away include fixing leaky faucets, clearing out plastic and paper clutter, storing food in sealed containers and keeping food preparation areas clean and dry. Repairing ripped screens and sealing cracks in foundations or walls can also greatly reduce the presence of ants, roaches and flying insects.


If you do have an infestation, non-toxic baits or traps should be tried first. Other products such as diatomaceous earth, limestone, boric acid or borax powder may also be used with care. If you would rather leave these problems to a professional, there are a growing number of exterminators who offer non-toxic pest control.

Bedbugs have become a major problem in many places around the country. The best way to deal with these difficult pests is with high heat treatments. A qualified exterminator who offers this service will be able to eradicate the adults, larva and eggs without doing any harm to your family, pets or furnishings.

Safe Products and Solutions

Arbico Organics – Natural control of cockroaches and other indoor pests.

Gardens Alive – Environmentally responsible pest control products that really work.

Earth Easy – Non-toxic pest control.

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