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Healthy Food

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Healthy Food Choices

Whole, unprocessed foods are always your best choices when preparing meals for your family. While convenient, processed foods contain many unwanted ingredients that have no nutritional value and do not promote healing.

Healthy Food Sources

Most grocery stores have health food sections and the outside perimeters typically display whole foods, like produce, meats and dairy, etc... If possible, join a local community supported agriculture (CSA) program or shop at a farmers’ market for the freshest seasonal food.

Cooking Food Safely

Cookware or cooking methods may create or leach harmful chemicals into food. It’s important to know the safest choices so you can insure your healthy meals are cooked without the worry of unintended chemical contaminants.

Storing Food and Food Packaging

It’s always best to store leftovers in safe, non-leaching, non-plastic containers, like glass and stainless steel.  Many plastic food containers, while lightweight and convenient, contain some problematic chemicals that can leach into food.  Food packaging, especially plastic and paper that has been treated with PFAS to make it water and stain-resistant, can also contaminate food.

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