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Download a free PDF copy of Helping to Heal.

This simply written, yet comprehensive book is a guide for parents of children with serious illnesses. It contains valuable information on providing optimal nutrition and avoiding potentially harmful environmental exposures. Helping to Heal emphasizes the importance of clean air, clean water, nutritious food, and safe personal care and home products.

The Helping to Heal Foundation is distributing the books for free through children’s oncology departments, child life programs, hospital social workers, and in-hospital libraries. We also partner with Ronald McDonald Houses and other recognized support institutions nationwide. If you are caring for a sick child and want to learn more about preparing and providing healthy, nutrient-dense foods, or want to gain knowledge about common environmental exposures, download your free copy today.

  • To order a softcover copy of the book, please call our office at (516) 883-0887. Individual books are $7.50 each; discounts for multiple copies. Credit cards accepted. 

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