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Healthy Self

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Personal Care Products

Everyone has a daily routine of cleaning and caring for skin, hair, teeth and nails. If you keep in mind that every product you use is exposing your child to a myriad of chemicals that can be inhaled, accidentally ingested or absorbed through their skin into their bloodstream, you might choose only those products that are known to be safe for children. Many companies use only organic bio-based ingredients that are gentle on the body and pose no risk.

Healthy Activities

So many parents today are looking for activities to keep their children off screens. This is critically important as experts agree that games and other activities utilizing screens is designed to be addictive and has been proven to be harmful to our children in any number of ways. There are many creative and fun things to do, especially outdoors in all kinds of weather!  Outdoor activities from hiking and pick-up sports to gardening and picnics get our children moving, breathing fresh air, and engaging with nature.

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