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Pool Chemicals

Swimming is wonderful exercise for kids and they love it! If you have a backyard pool, keeping it both clean and safe is now easier than ever. Many new technologies utilize chlorine-free systems or products to keep pool water free of algae and germs without compromising your family’s health. If you are considering installing a backyard pool, concrete or gunite, even though costlier,
are healthier choices than PVC plastic.

If your child swims in a public pool, make sure he/she showers thoroughly with soap and shampoo after swimming to remove chlorine, algaecides and other chemicals.


Safe Products and Solutions

EcoSmarte Pool – Chlorine-free alternative for swimming pools using natural oxygen technology.

BioNova Natural Pools - Chemical-free, plant-based filtration swimming pools.

Intec America Pools – Chlorine-free pools using copper ionization systems.

Floatron Solar Powered Water Purifier – Floats around in your pool keeping it clean and sparkling.

Sunshine Pool Products – Various non-chlorine technologies for swimming pools.

EverEarth Kiddie Pool/Blanket - Made from TPU material.  Less toxic than PVC pools.

Scientific Studies

Health effects of exposure to chlorination by-products in swimming pools Cuoto, M., Bernard, A., et al, European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. 2021, Vol 76, Issue 11, 3257-3275

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