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Dress Up the Pasta

Updated: Dec 29, 2021


  • whole wheat pasta (artichoke, quinoa good choices)

  • onions and garlic

  • peppers

  • spinach or zucchini

  • marinara sauce

  • broccoli


Kids like pasta. Your job is to make it a little more nutritious. Here are some suggestions.


  • Use whole wheat (or corn, or artichoke, or quinoa) pasta

  • Add chopped garlic, onion, peppers and zucchini or spinach to a store-bought organic marinara sauce

  • Heat thoroughly to cook veggies

  • Saute broccoli with a little olive oil and garlic and place on top of pasta and sauce

For fun - could be “trees on top of the mountain"!

For the really tough ones, the ones who like butter ONLY on their pasta, try this:

Put carrots (spinach or kale too if you are bold enough) in the food processor to create a vegetable puree, and add it to a little melted butter or olive oil.

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