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Caring for a seriously ill child is one of the greatest challenges of parenting. This is a time when your instinct is to nurture and protect, but you may have feelings of helplessness and frustration while doctors and other health care professionals manage your child’s illness. One way to overcome these feelings is to take positive steps and become an active partner in your child’s healing process.

My book, Helping to Heal, focuses on your child’s diet and environment, two important considerations that you are best qualified to address. With guidance from recognized experts in the field of nutrition, I offer some general guidelines for finding and choosing the most nutritious foods. Keep in mind when reading this section that even small changes in your child’s diet can be very beneficial.

I also want to share with you the many safe options when choosing products to use in your home since children’s developing bodies and their typical behaviors make them more vulnerable to toxic exposures that are commonplace in our everyday lives.

I hope that the information presented here and in the companion book, Helping to Heal, will help you discover the healing properties of wholesome, nourishing foods and help you create a healthier home environment for your child. All of this, infused with the love and special care that only you can provide, can truly make a difference.

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