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Anyone can request a free copy of Helping to Heal.

Our generous donors have now made it possible for us to reach out to absolutely everyone who wants to know more about the chemicals in their food, their water, their air, and their personal and household products.

If you are a health practitioner or represent a support group, and believe your families would benefit from the information in Helping to Heal, request up to 30 free copies via our contact form. From there you can join our Autoship Program to keep them coming.

If you are an individual and would like a free copy of the soft cover book, or would like to download the book as a pdf in English and/or Spanish, click here to request/download the book.


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Your donation to the Helping To Heal Foundation helps us to continue to provide free copies of Helping to Heal to families and individuals, health practitioners and support communities. Although saddened by the need for a book like ours, it seems there remain many more seriously ill children whose caregivers could be helped by its message.

All donations go directly to the printing and shipping of our book, allowing us to keep spreading the word that nutritious foods and a healthy home environment truly support the healing process.


We thank you for your generosity.rageddydoll


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