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Helping to Heal is available at no charge to recognized health institutions and support organizations so that they may in turn offer it to parents and caregivers of their pediatric patients. If you are a practitioner at a hospital, a family cancer residence center, or represent a support group, and would benefit from free copies of our book for the families you serve, please contact us.


We are very grateful to our donors who have helped us give away many thousands of copies of Helping to Heal. Unfortunately, the need for a book like ours continues to grow, and there remain many more seriously ill children whose caregivers could be helped by its message.

Your donation to The Helping To Heal Foundation will help pay for the continued printing and shipping of our book, allowing us to provide free copies of Helping to Heal to families, and to keep spreading the word that nutritious foods and a healthy home environment truly support the healing process. We thank you for your support.rageddydoll


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