We finally get a ban on BPAs, really?
2nd Aug


We finally get a ban on BPAs, really?


The FDA is banning the use of bisphenol-A (BPA) in the lining of infant formula packaging.  We should be happy, right?  Well, manufacturers of infant formula have already voluntarily discontinued this use of the suspect chemical, so the law is just catching up with what has already happened in the industry. I thought for a moment when glancing at the headline that the FDA was finally going to join other states and countries in banning some common uses of this dangerous hormone disrupting chemical in the products used by Americans on a daily basis.  Indeed, BPA is one of the most frequently detected chemicals in our bodies, from the linings of food cans, from thermal paper cash register receipts, from the white polymer fillings and sealants in our teeth, and from many plastic products, especially those with a #7 recycling code.With the increasing scientific evidence of harm from BPA and its particularly damaging effects on reproductive health and fetuses, why doesn¹t the FDA and the EPA take these exposures seriously?

Until that happens, please be aware of the sources of BPA in your life and avoid exposing yourself and especially, your children. In general, do not use plastic to eat or drink from, even if it says the products are BPA-free.  Manufacturers are substituting an equally  harmful chemical called BPS in many of those BPA-free products.  Cash register receipts are probably our biggest exposure issue, so don¹t take a receipt if you can possibly avoid it.  Be done with canned food ­ it is never as good as fresh anyway, and in a recent test, every can (including those that claimed to be BPA-free) was found to contain the chemical. This includes aluminum cans, too!  Buy glass bottled drinks!  And be aware that the  upside down water cooler bottle in your office is made from polycarbonate plastic, a source of BPA that leaches into the water. Bring your own filtered water in a stainless or  glass reusable bottle!  More information can be found here.

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