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18th Jul


Take some time, but please don’t smell the flowers!

FlowersNext time you think about buying flowers, you might want to think first about where they were grown, what pesticides were sprayed on them, who harvested them, and what additional chemicals were sprayed on them to keep them as fresh as possible for the florist or grocery store.  Now, I don¹t want to make your life more complicated, but this is where you can make a difference!  Buying organic or sustainably ­grown flowers will ultimately protect fragile ecosystems, water supplies, farm workers and their families and even you! This is another consumer-driving the ­market-in-a-better-direction action using only your pocketbook.

You can order organic flowers on-line, purchase locally-grown stems at a farmers’ market, see the simple beauty of wild flowers growing in empty spaces or grow your own cutting flower garden!  I am completely in love with a bouquet of wild Black-Eyed Susans, Queen Anne’s Lace and common chicory that you find everywhere on the east coast in summer months. You can even prune your own flowering shrubs and enjoy a long-lasting bouquet!  And make sure you smell the flowers since you won¹t get a nose full of pesticides!! For more information and sources of organic flowers, see info here.

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