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11th Apr


Sweet Dreams

Little Boy's Room

Newborn babies can spend up to seventeen hours a day sleeping. Since their tiny bodies are rapidly developing, it’s extremely important that the room where they sleep is free from harmful toxins. If you plan to paint the nursery, do it months before the baby arrives and use only no-VOC paint (and someone else besides a mom-to-be should do it).  Older wood floors are best, but if you install carpet make certain it’s organic wool or cotton with a wool felt pad.

Window treatments should be wooden blinds or cotton curtains (not vinyl blinds or shades). If you can find an old solid wood used crib, buy it!  Newer furniture can be made in part or entirely from particle board which usually contains formaldehyde. Mattresses, mattress pads, sheets and blankets should be organic cotton or made from other natural materials.  You won’t always be able to control your child’s life this way: take advantage while you can!

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