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15th Apr


Repelling Fleas Naturally

Cat in Dirt

If you notice your pet is scratching more than usual, chances are fleas may be the reason. But many flea control products contain powerful insecticides that can harm pets and children as well as the fleas they are intended to kill. Natural flea control is easy and inexpensive, but requires a combination of patience and good housekeeping. First, thoroughly vacuum any areas where your pet sleeps, and dispose of the bag. Next, using a flea comb (available at any pet store), comb your pet, especially near the base of the tail. (Drown the fleas in soapy water.) Diatomaceous earth products such as “Flea Away” powder (all natural, no chemicals) can help reduce flea populations. Our cat Pokey loved to lie in the dirt, and over the years we had a few fleas, but we’d never risk his health or the health of our children with pesticides!

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