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30th Apr


Please Don’t Drink the Chemicals

Kleen KanteenThe ubiquitous plastic sports bottle has rapidly become a required accessory for young athletes and the adult fitness crowd. Serious sports enthusiasts fill their polycarbonate bottles with mixtures of water, juice and other concoctions to quench thirst and replace nutrients while on the go.

But one of the building blocks of polycarbonate bottles is an endocrine-disrupting chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA), which has been shown to leach into liquids even at room temperature. Given that this information has made headlines, many manufacturers have given up the BPA and now advertise that their products are BPA-free! Sounds good, but many of them have replaced BPA with BPS, another chemical that has serious health concerns.

While it may take years to prove exactly how BPA and BPS mimic estrogen in the body and interfere with normal development or promote certain illnesses, many people are not waiting for the proof. Stainless steel sports bottles, such as those made by Kleen Kanteen and Life Factory, offer a safe and environmentally responsible way to get your liquid refreshments while carrying on with your healthy lifestyle.

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