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5th Nov


Our best options for drinking water

water bottlesFirst, let’s just say that buying your water in plastic bottles is not your best option.  The uncertain source, the purity of the water, the leaching of plasticizing chemicals from the bottles and the cradle to grave environmental impact of all that plastic are reason enough to look for another answer. The fate of all those 60 million bottles we use every day is scary.  Most of them wind up in landfills, oceans and incinerators.  Less than 30% of the water bottles get recycled – far too few!!

So, let’s look at other options.

If you live in a house or apartment and can afford a filtration system, then by all means, buy one!  This way, you can control the purity of the water and fill your own reusable glass or stainless bottles for drinking on the go.  Changing filters on systems that require them is also controlled by you and you can make your tea and coffee, soups and stews with real peace of mind. More information can be found here and here. Another thought is we waste so much water, especially in this country!  You can do your part and make a difference when you eat out.  If you are not going to drink the tap water that is automatically served, let them know right away not to bring it to the table.

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