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8th Apr


Natural Weed Control

 Seeding a Lawn

“My best technique for organic weed control is a bucket of compost and grass seed,” says Chip Osborne, nationally recognized organic turf expert and owner of Osborne Organics in Marblehead, MA. “Given the right conditions, thick, healthy turf will out-compete weeds every time.”

Rather than focusing on killing weeds, natural turf managers concentrate on developing proper soil biology and letting nature do what it does best. Mow high, leave clippings on the lawn, don’t over-water and aerate on a regular basis.

“For hundreds of years, all turf was organic, and there were some spectacular estates,” says Osborne. “The fact is you can have a beautiful, lush lawn without chemicals. You just have to know how to do it.”

Natural lawn care is the fastest growing segment of the professional turf industry. Visit Grassroots Environmental Education for more information on natural lawn care.

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