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15th May


Grapes are Great


Kids love grapes! And grapes are good for kids! One of a few food win-wins! Please be careful though to buy only organic grapes as both domestic and imported conventional often contain unsafe pesticide residues. I would choose red grapes over green, but they actually have the same nutrients.  If you are lucky to find a fresh shipment of grapes in the store, look for the ones that are very hard and are tightly attached to the stem.

Grapes are loaded with anti-oxidants, micro-nutrient minerals like copper, iron and manganese, and vitamins A,C,K and B complex.  Dried grapes (raisins) are especially high in iron.  I remember my brother eating raisins constantly when we were growing up. He was slightly anemic as a child and the doctor actually prescribed raisins!  My method for preparing grapes is to put a tiny amount (about 1 drop) of a bio-based dish soap in a bowl with cold water.  I inspect the bunch of grapes, discarding any soft or moldy ones and then wash the good grapes in the water.  I then rinse them thoroughly, dry on a clean terrycloth towel and refrigerate.  In the summer, I freeze the grapes in glass containers for a delicious icy nutritious snack!

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