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21st Mar


Glass Baby Bottles

Feeding Baby

After news that chemicals contained in polycarbonate plastic baby bottles were leaching into infant formula and other liquids, many mothers switched to glass bottles to feed their infants.  (in fact, for a while, glass baby bottles were hard to find.)  Today, tempered glass bottles are readily available from manufacturers such as Lamby and Evenflo.

Keep in mind that scratches, nicks and cracks in glass bottles can be potential sites for bacteria to grow.  Inspect the bottles frequently, and discard any which are damaged.

Be aware of manufacturer advertising claims that their plastic baby bottles are “BPA free.”  A recent study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives concludes that there really are no “safe” plastics, thanks to all the chemicals, additives, and processing aids that go into making plastic products. In a test of nearly 500 chemical containers, the authors discovered that nearly all exhibited some kind of estrogenic activity.

And finally, avoid nipples and pacifiers made of #3 PVC.  Most children’s health experts recommend clear silicone.  More information can be found here.

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