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7th Jan


Eating on the Road

Three odd pastriesBack home from a trip to Quebec, we decided once again the biggest problem with traveling was finding good, wholesome food. On our first night away we stayed in New Hampshire at a very nice inn. On the table in our room, along with the little plastic coffee options, we found something that was almost indescribable. Three mushroom shaped, unnaturally colored things with scary looking fillings wrapped in PVC plastic film. Would someone actually eat them? Or worse, give them to their children to eat? I hope not. Fortunately, we had cleared out our refrigerator when we left home, bringing those items that traveled well. Breakfast that next morning consisted of our own hard boiled eggs, banana bread, a pear and a nice herbal tea we found in the lobby.

Just south of the Canadian border we pulled into Newport VT for a quick stop at a health food store. We got some great veggie sandwiches, drinks, and some beautiful rosemary potatoes from the hot food bar. Picnics in the car always seem to taste better!

For a change, the drive to Quebec City was a dry one, and once we were settled in our hotel, we poured through the guides and ventured out on foot to find a good restaurant that offered our version of “real food.” It wasn’t easy. The Canadians seem to eat a lot of meats, both fresh and preserved, a lot of cheese, a lot of eggs and a lot of sweets and chocolate. Maybe it’s just their winter diet? Anyway, it was hard to find any vegetarian options, but we found one great bistro where we could have delicious soups, salads and whole grain breads to go along with a glass of local beer and cider. And we also found a terrific health food store with all kinds of organic produce, interesting juices and a “deli” section of salads and prepared vegetarian dishes. The lentil salad was

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outrageous! We saved a lot of money not eating out for every meal, ate great food and felt great for those excursions into the deep freeze for skating, cross country skiing and hiking.

A good reminder about healthy food choices can also be found here.

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