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10th Jun


Don’t Get Bugged – Natural Bug Repellent

insect repellentMosquitoes can make cookouts and camping trips a nightmare, and in rare cases they can transmit serious diseases. For almost forty years the public has been advised to slather their bodies with a potent pesticide known as “DEET.” But questions remain about the long term health effects of toxic chemicals like DEET and other pesticides that are so easily absorbed through the skin.

The new generation of insect repellents are herbal, and provide long-lasting and clinically proven effectiveness against most flying insects with none of the potential health risks of DEET. In one university study, the herbal formulas were 100% effective, even after two hours. All Terrain’s Herbal Armor Insect Repellent is rated as one of the best. More information can be found here. Dr. Mercola has a good bug repellant and more information about DEET here.

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