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11th Jul


Disinfecting Safely

aerosol sprayI am always alarmed to see TV commercials showing mothers spraying inside their homes with a disinfectant product, as though this was something every responsible mother should do on a regular basis.  Disinfectants contain many toxic chemicals, including EPA-registered pesticides and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  Some of the most popular disinfecting products were tested for VOC levels, noting that levels over 500 parts per billion (ppb) could be problematic for those with asthma or allergies.  Clorox Wipes came in at more than 1,000 ppb and Lysol Disinfecting Spray much higher at 1,200 parts per million (ppm). Just because a product is sold in the supermarket in an attractive bottle with comforting product claims doesn’t make it safe, and the EPA number printed on the can is only a registration number, not any indication of safety.

If you’re concerned about germs around your house, there are safe and effective products to keep your home clean and germ free and your family safe. Some good examples of safe disinfecting products include PureGreen24 and Clean Well Today.

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