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1st Apr


Dealing with Ants

Boric Acid

For many families, the return of spring is announced not only by daffodils and forsythia, but also by an invasion of ants. But before reaching for a pesticide (which may be more harmful to you and your family than the ants will ever be) consider the better ecological solution: boric acid.  This low-toxicity mineral has far fewer health concerns than synthetic pesticides. Care should be used to keep boric acid away from children and pets, and avoid breathing the dust. Following product directions, carefully sprinkle the boric acid into cracks and crevices, behind counters, inside kitchen cabinets and around baseboards. Wandering ants pick up the white powder on their legs, carry it back to the nest where they ingest it while grooming each other.  Boric acid is available at most drug stores. More information can be found here.

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