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16th May


Corn Starch Powder Helps Baby Stay Cool

Baby in Sand

Hot, humid dog-days of summer can be particularly tough on babies (and their parents!). Baby powder can offer some relief from the sticky, sweaty, yucky feeling we all get during summer months (and it’s also great for removing sand after a day at the beach!). But make sure that your baby powder does not contain talc. Tiny particles of talc are a real health hazard, particularly for babies, whose immature lungs can be permanently damaged if talc is inhaled. (Whether talc exposure is also linked to lung and ovarian cancers is the subject of current scientific inquiry.)

The good news for babies (and everyone else): most baby powders are now made with corn starch instead of talc. Even corn starch straight from the box in your kitchen pantry is good in a “sticky” emergency.

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