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21st Jun


Cool it! Plant a Tree

Flowering Tree

You can never have too many trees. It is true that our planet is warming…at an alarming rate. It is also true that our children (and certainly our grandchildren) will not experience the predictable normal change of seasons and the traditions that have evolved around them for centuries. Is there a way to reverse this? Can we reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and stop the melting ice caps, the rising seas, the unpredictable and destructive weather events? Probably not in our lifetimes. But we can plant trees.

The warming of our planet is caused by greenhouse gases and deforestation. I actually feel an urgency to plant trees, at the least to replace the trees that have come down in the recent severe weather. Thousands of trees came down in my town alone in Hurricane Sandy. It is estimated that a single tree can remove 48 pounds of CO2 per year from the atmosphere. Trees also provide shade and when strategically located, can reduce energy costs for our homes. Trees prevent soil erosion…something we all have to think about in this new era of frequent flooding. And finally, trees provide food (locally grown) and shelter and housing for our furry and feathered backyard friends. Some of us can and will get involved in the movement toward a non-fossil fueled future, but everyone can plant a tree. Anywhere. Just do it! For more information take a look at the Arbor Day Foundation.

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