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26th Mar


Clean and Green


Supermarket shelves in the cleaning aisle are packed with familiar bright-colored, strong-smelling products. Years of advertising have taught us that glass cleaners are blue, scouring powders turn things white, and a lemon scent means clean. The truth is that many of these products are wreaking havoc on our family’s health and the environment, contaminating our indoor air as well as municipal water supplies, ponds, rivers and bays where they kill aquatic animals and disrupt the hormones of fish and other creatures. The good news: there are lots of great new products to help you clean your home without harming your health and the earth in the process. Products from Ecover, Seventh Generation, BioKleen and others are available in many supermarkets. If you don’t see them, ask the store to get them for you. Read more about healthy cleaning products here.

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