Your Child’s Wireless World
1st May


Your Child’s Wireless World

It’s officially spring!

With the flowers blooming and the weather getting warmer, this time of year is all about starting fresh. In that spirit, we traditionally set aside some time to organize our homes and give everything a deep clean.

This year, I’m suggesting that we start fresh in a different way by limiting the time our kids spend on cell phones and other devices, and by spending more one-on-one time with them.

Technology and manufacturing have changed, but children haven’t. We don’t need to introduce them to the latest digital devices and fill their toy boxes with plastic wireless toys.

What makes kids the happiest is the time we give them doing things together, like reading, playing catch, walking in the woods, sledding, singing fun songs, having a wild dance party, playing card games, making healthy treats together in the kitchen (with aprons!), looking at pictures and letting them help you do the dishes! Or how about recycling, raking leaves and planning a surprise for someone you both love?

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I want to draw your attention to a wonderful book on keeping children away from screens for both their physical and emotional health. “The Big Disconnect” by Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair, Harvard Medical School instructor, argues that widespread use of electronicdevices exposes kids to unhealthy values and puts children at risk at every developmental stage. She says that children between the ages of eight and eighteen are spending more than seven hours a day on cell phones and other devices, limiting the time they spend in “real” conversations and working on “real” relationships.

I also discovered this while doing some research. It has lots of good information about how to navigate the cell phone issue with your kids.

And finally, maybe the most important thing to know about using wireless devices is that there are real health risks. This article gives you a good overview, from the AAP’s conference in Baltimore last year.

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