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9th Jul


Car Stink

air freshenerEveryone likes that new car smell. There’s even a “New Car” scented air freshener you can buy so you can fool people as your car ages. Horrible. The new car smell is actually quite a toxic mixture of chemical components of PVC plastic, synthetic carpeting and upholstery and all the extra chemical treatments for stain and water resistance. When I buy a new car, I leave the windows open every chance I get to let the volatilizing chemicals out and the fresh air in.

Now, about those swinging tree air fresheners and others that hang on the rear view mirror…. my youngest daughter was horrified when I came out to the car to meet her date one evening and reached into the car and pulled the air freshener out. Okay, I’m willing to admit that may have been a little extreme, but I really didn’t want her driving around in an enclosed space with the windows closed! Those air fresheners contain particularly toxic chemicals, and people with allergies or asthma should absolutely avoid exposure. Air fresheners using essential oils can be found in natural food stores or easily made…and you can choose your own favorite scent! Here is how to make your own air freshener!

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