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20th May


Buzzzz. Swat! What to do About Mosquitoes?

Flower Pot

Along with the warmer weather come the mosquitoes! At this time of year I try to think of ways to work outside or enjoy our deck without the fear of being bitten or worse, getting West Nile virus!  Last year, my very accommodating husband lugged some box fans and extension cords out into my vegetable garden and strategically placed them so that I could plant and weed without being a target for those little critters looking for a blood meal.

Using DEET is never an option because of it¹s potent chemical ingredients and I¹m not happy smelling like bug repellent every day, even though I will use a geraniol-based natural product occasionally.  I guess I could order a bug suit, similar to a beekeepers outfit, but on 90 degree days, every bit of extra clothing makes the heat more unbearable. I am definitely going to speak with my neighbors about making sure that we don’t leave any standing water on our properties, including even the water in our flower pot saucers. Did you know a mosquito can lay 300 eggs in a bottle cap!

But there may be something else – Essentria.  I have recently found out about this EPA-exempt product (which means the ingredients are so safe that it does not even have to be registered with the EPA) which can be applied to control mosquitoes wherever it is needed. Its manufacturer lists 100% of the ingredients on the label and none of them present any health concerns. Anecdotal stories make me think it really works. Go here to learn more about this product.

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