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12th Jul


Book Review: The Food Revolution

Rood Revolution BookJohn Robbins first book, ‘Diet for a New America’ was a clarion call for action to abandon our meat-centric diet and think differently about the role food plays in the world.  With the increased focus on the climate and the indisputable evidence that high volume meat production is a major cause of
environmental decline, Robbins turns up the heat in the recently updated version of his book, ‘The Food Revolution – How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and Our World’.

Robbins pulls no punches as he takes on issues such as how factory farming degrades the environment, the detrimental environmental and health effects of the hormones and antibiotics used in animal production and the potential consequences of uncontrolled biotechnology engineering. Our choices in what we eat, he argues, not only directly impact our health, but are creating an unprecedented opportunity for environmental disaster. Available at local bookstores or online here.

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