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31st May


Book Review: Diet for a New America

Diet for a New America

John Robbins, heir to the fabulous Baskin-Robbins fortune, wants you to know how your food choices affect your health, happiness and the future of the world. His well-documented expose of America’s eating habits and the food factories that support them should cause even the most ardent meat lover to pause and reflect. Robbins, medical director of the California Institute for Health and Healing, exposes how giant industrial agribusinesses use hormones, growth stimulants, pesticides and antibiotics (as well as heart wrenching and inhumane treatment of animals) to create cheap but profitable products which people purchase and consume.

If burgers and hot dogs on the grill are your idea of as good summertime meal, you might not want to read this book. On the other hand, you probably should. As we look for answers to our growing national health problems, our diet deems to be a major factor. Find the recently updated book at your local independent bookseller or online here.

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