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21st Oct


Avoid Toxic Car Seats

car seat limonataYesterday I stopped in at two garage sales, bulging with baby toys, books and equipment…always keeping my eye out for neat stuff for my two little grandsons!

There were some car seats in good condition and I was tempted, as I’ve been interested in buying two to make our lives a little more convenient. Car seats are vital for keeping young children safe in case of an accident, but they can also contain hidden dangers. Many car seats are made with toxic chemicals that can put children at risk for a number of health concerns. Most car seats contain some amount of flame retardant chemicals such as bromine, chlorine, and lead. These chemicals have been linked to learning disabilities and developmental problems. While it may be difficult to completely avoid toxic chemicals when purchasing a car seat in today’s market, studies have been done to rank popular car seats according to the amount of chemicals they contain so that consumers can make informed decisions.

Check out this website  to see how car seats rank based on the amount of toxic ingredients they contain. Here is another view to compare to the first of best/worst car seats. By choosing the least toxic car seats and keeping up the demand for chemical-free products, we as consumers can encourage manufacturers to provide safer options in the future. And for a practical tip – line the car seat with a clean towel or other soft cotton material so your child’s face and hands are not touching the fabric. Washable covers are available as well.

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