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14th May


Are You Swimming in Chemicals?

Kids Playing in a Pool

Chlorine can make your pool sparkle, but it’s a nightmare for the environment. The manufacture of chlorine, especially at older manufacturing plants, can release high levels of mercury into the air. And because it is highly toxic to aquatic organisms, the release of chlorine into the environment can have harmful effects on wildlife and create dangerous trihalomethanes. Chlorine can be highly toxic to humans too – in fact, it was the first poison gas to be used as a weapon during World War I. Recent studies have linked exposure to chlorine used in swimming pools with increased rates of asthma and possibly certain cancers.

Fortunately, recent advances in swimming pool chemistry and technology have resulted in new products based on ionizing or ozonating technologies which greatly reduce or eliminate the need for chlorine products. Check with your pool dealer for one of these newer, safer technologies if you have a backyard pool. Learn more here. Everybody in the pool!

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