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15th Jun



Have you ever passed someone on the street and smelled the scents coming off their clothes and their bodies? Do you feel light-headed, nauseated or headachy, or can you actually “taste” the scent when someone is wearing perfume, a ...

1st May


Kids Mom devices

It’s officially spring! With the flowers blooming and the weather getting warmer, this time of year is all about starting fresh. In that spirit, we traditionally set aside some time to organize our homes and give everything a ...

8th Mar


GMO Shopping

Have you been following the fight to get labeling of genetically modified foods (GMOs)? As “right to know” fights go, the public comment response has been pretty impressive. The law was passed by Congress last year, but those of us ...

16th Sep


28th Jul



It’s summertime, school is over, and we are spending many more hours outdoors. The hotter days make us thirsty, and kids sometimes use the backyard garden hose for a drink, especially if it is lying around to fill pools and other ...

11th Jul



Okay, bear with me. I haven’t written a blog or a recipe in a while, so I will attempt to do both here! I have two wonderful grown daughters who are both mothers of young children. When my oldest had the only children in the family, ...

18th Apr


10th Feb


smart phone

Everyone seems to be addicted to their cell phones, but there is a growing body of scientific research indicating that the radiofrequency radiation they give off may be harmful. Consequently, as with any technology whose risks are not ...